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ACCE Organanizational Structure

Under the management of the Executive Director, ACCE is organized into four units to realize the Centre’s objectives using its set approach:

  • Steering Committee — comprised of seasoned academics and civil society activists, the Steering Committee functions as a ‘think tank’ for the Centre and initiates and evaluates projects and programmes for the consideration of the management.

  • Directorate of Administration and Finance — this Directorate services all the other units in the Centre to ensure smooth coordination of day–to–day activities. It is responsible for welfare and personnel policies and liaises with the Centre’s national, regional and international partners.

  • Directorate of Programmes — this Directorate is responsible for programme research, identification, implementation and evaluation.

  • Directorate of Research and Publications — this Directorate undertakes research and disseminates relevant findings by publishing them in monograph, journal and book forms.

ACCE Organizational Chart

ACCE Organizational Structure

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