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Consulting Sevices

The Centre’s highly competent, rigorous and experienced network of researchers provides high–level consulting and project administration services in three core areas:

  • Economic Analysis for Market Development, including national and regional market analysis; sectoral studies and data collection; infrastructure project planning and implementation; analysis of trends in market growth, regional institutions, markets and economic development.

  • Trade and Trade–Related Development, including trade in agricultural goods; trade in cultural products; competition policy and investment; intellectual property; innovation and technology; cultural product development; access to medicines, import/export restrictions and barriers; traditional knowledge and folklore; and rural development.

  • Enabling Institutions for Development, including judicial training and legislative support; drafting and review of laws and regulatory policies; development of training manuals; human rights; civic education; and gender and development.
Members of our Governing Council, Trustees and affiliated consultants have consulted and/or implemented projects for numerous international bodies, agencies and institutions, including:

  • Rural market
Development Project









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