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The Centre is built around a three-tier structure of administration:

The Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring that the operations of the Centre comply with the relevant legal regimes. It is made up of individuals of notable achievements who also provide intellectual leadership in each of the clusters that make up the Centre’s focus of excellence. They are: Professor O.C. Onazi (Chairman) (agriculture, trade, economic development); Professor C.O.N. Wambebe (traditional medicine, innovation, pharmaceuticals, trade); Mr. Joshua Ogunlowo (Member) (regional integration, institutional design, trade and economic agreements).

Governing Council
The Governing Council is responsible for initiating policies and overseeing their implementation. It consists of six members with proven track record of achievements and excellence and is chaired by Ambassador J.T. Kolo, OFR, FNIM.

Management Committee
The Management Committee is directly responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Centre and for implementing programmes in realization of its aims and objectives. It is made up of four officers.

  • Executive Director (Chairman)
  • Director, Administration and Finance (Member)
  • Director, Research and Publications (Member)
  • Director of Programmes (Member)

The Centre’s activities are funded through full or partial sponsorship, grants and donations from national and international partners and donor agencies.

Economic Analysis for Market Development

Regional and national market analysis; sectoral studies and data collection;

  • Development project in West African market
Development Project

infrastructure project planning, implementation; trends in market growth, regional institutions, markets and economic development







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