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Grants, Research and Project Development
ACCE has an established record of project support, research and implementation in a wide range of areas, including economic development; regional integration; agricultural development; gender and development; infrastructure capacity‏building and project management; intellectual property; labor regulation; human rights and democracy; civil governance and economic/trade regulation and policy. Our distinguished core group of Trustees and researchers includes academics, policymakers and educational administrators and young researchers, all of whom have distinguished records of academic and public service.

The Centre has successfully implemented a series of projects and administered grants funded by national, regional and international agencies, including the Ford Foundation, the Social Science Council of Nigeria National Research Programme, ODESRIA/Rockefeller Foundation, Inter-Church Foundation Fund for International Development of Canada, Capacity Building Project — Nigeria, the USAID, Mac–Arthur Foundation, OSI, and others.

Workshops, Conferences and Training Seminars
Since its establishment in 1994, the Centre has organized a large number of conferences, workshops and training seminars covering a wide range of development–related topics. Notable examples include:

The Centre has also participated in several projects and programmes at national and international levels. These include election observation, surveys, conferences roundtables, workshops and development projects.

Since 1994, the Centre’s publication unit has undertaken the publication of a number of academic works, including lecture series, survey findings, monographs, handbooks and books.

Trade and Trade – Related Development

Agricultural goods, tariffs; services and trade in cultural products;

  • Women in rural development
Development Project

competition law and investment; innovation and technology; cultural product

development, trade relations; access to medicines, import/export restrictions; folklore and traditional medicine; rural markets and development.





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